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Europe: Here Is Not Everywhere

"Americans travel like they go to Disneyland," I overheard K say in the kitchen. K taught a class on Grimm’s Fairy Tales at a nearby college in Berlin and was preparing to give a lecture on the American phenomenon of Disney, aka "How Disney destroys everything."

Not Long Ago, Not Far Away: Argentina in the Aftermath of the New World’s Orders

The following article extends a series, published last year in the Rail, on Argentina in the throes of economic and political crisis.

The Hood: In Memory of Fred Rogers 1928-2003

"The Child is in Me Still, or Not So Still" In 1951, Fred McFeely Rogers graduated from Rollins College, in Winter Park, Florida, with a degree in music composition. Rollins was known for its performing arts programs, and it also names Anthony Perkins among its famous alumni. This is a fun coincidence, but your authors want to say up front that they have no interest at all in finding humor in the image of Mister Rogers as a psychopath with libido trouble. It’s obvious enough to us that people find him creepy, but that fact certainly says more about us than it does about Rogers himself.

A Brief History of The Masses

A revolutionary and not a reform magazine— a free magazine; frank, arrogant, impertinent, searching for the true causes; a magazine directed against rigidity and dogma wherever it is found; printing what is too naked or true for a moneymaking press; a magazine whose final policy is to do as it pleases and conciliate nobody, not even its readers— there is room for this publication in America. —John Reed, 1913

Hometown Feminists Find a New Home

Every New York feminist knows that in the past few years there’s been just one place to meet like-minded women and men: Bluestockings on the Lower East Side.

In Conversation

JOHNNY TEMPLE with Williams Cole and Theodore Hamm

Johnny Temple is the bassist for Girls Against Boys, New Wet Kojak, and publisher of Akashic Books. The following conversation took place in late February at Akashic’s home in Fort Greene.

Want to know The Hole Truth? Ask Randy Bob!

Randy Bob is a fast-thinking river Hoosier living at the butt end of the prairie. With common sense answers to life’s uncommon questions, he is a Tom Joad figure for the hopeless and semi-ruined who hunger for a second chance in the lottery of life. Address all inquiries and proposals of marriage to

Auto Erotic: Detroit’s auto shows

When I tell people that I write about the auto business it’s like I’ve announced to a room full of hypochondriacs in an elder hostel that I’m a urologist. They want to talk to me, badly. They are jealous.

How to Kill a Chicken

I looked at my husband, Roman, as he showed me how to hold her. She didn’t even fight. Somehow, I knew that she knew what would follow. But, to me, it was neither sad nor cruel. It was simply life.


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