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East Williamsburg: A Shelter Creates a Storm

East Williamsburg may soon be the recipient of a new homeless shelter. This past May, the Doe Fund, a nonprofit group that runs residential work programs, completed the purchase of a 72,000 square foot abandoned textile factory located at 89-111 Porter Avenue.

Inequality in Brooklyn

Until recently, a “Brooklyn booster” was more than likely a con artist trying to sell you a proverbial piece of the Brooklyn Bridge. These days, however, the Bridge itself is actually up for sale, and large swaths of the borough are awash in developer dollars.

LiveWork: The Struggle Continues

On a steamy Sunday evening in late July, the LiveWork Coalition hosted a rooftop party and awards ceremony. The loft tenant organizers did so as a way of saying thanks to their political allies, and of rallying the ground troops for more battles ahead in the fall and throughout the winter.

Economy: Learning from the Beltway

“If you can read this, thank a teacher.” “Visualize World Peace.” “Maryland Terps No.1! Maryland Terps No.1!” I’m stuck in DC traffic. The Market is driving off a bridge. I only want to cross a bridge.

The Starry Skies Above: Astro Reports

Aries Rage on Ram! Buoyant Jupiter and assertive Mars join forces in your fifth house of pleasure, so when it comes to love and fame, fortune favors the foolhardy. But while you often tend to head-butt your way solo into the star-zone, until September 9 partnerships are exceptionally beneficial: the one nibbling your ear has words of wisdom too.

Pride and Yankees

It isn’t easy being a Yankees fan. Try to stop your sarcastic laughter long enough to let me explain. It’s hard to consider yourself a good, moral person and still root whole-heartedly for the Yankees.


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