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Jenny Hankwitz: Cheryl Pelavin Fine Art

The immediate impression of Jenny Hankwitz’s paintings crisp, bright paintings is that they express a release from restraint. Unabashedly ornamental, Hankwitz assimilates mark making from pop, but instead evoke nature’s prolific order rather than a critique of our cultural icons and clichés.


I once had a discussion with an art historian friend who insisted that the uniqueness of John Graham is almost identical to that of Emile Bernard. My friend really meant that both were lesser painters, but their ideas and intelligence had great significance in broadening new possibilities for their contemporaries.

Sue Williams - 303 Gallery

I feel slightly bad about trashing a 303 artist again, and so soon, but this show deserved it even more than the gallery’s previous one.

Tracey Rose - The Project

p>The two stunning videos in Tracey Rose’s second solo show at The Project offer a strong concoction of the urgent conceptual theme of identities in the global context through an appealingly unpretentious yet formally acute aesthetic.

Out of Place: Summer 2002 Picks

In 1989, painter R.B. Kitaj’s wrote about a Diasporist art. Something that came out of an artist that “paints in two or more societies at once.” A flexible position that was “…as old as the hills (or caves) but new enough to react to today’s newspapers or last week’s aesthetic musing or tomorrow’s terror.”

More Subtle Than You Thought: Pierre Louaver’s Painting

First of all they aren’t “simply” paintings. Nor are they “pure” abstraction.

Brooklyn Invades Paris: The Brooklyn in Paris Exchange

When I arrived at Galerie Les Filles Du Calvaire in Paris, I encountered a wrought iron gate and a small courtyard before reaching the glass front of the gallery. Once inside, I stood in a small office with three women, a bar on the right side and the exhibition space in front of me.

Art in Lisbon

Go straight east from Williamsburg, cross the Atlantic Ocean, and the first landfall will be at Lisbon, Portugal. What follows is a visitor’s analysis of the art scene in Lisbon—how it functions and whom it favors.

Majority Rules!

Every two years, the Whitney Biennial offers the world an assessment of the state of contemporary art, but the ensuing debate often seems less about the art than the curating.

Jenny Dubnau

In her first solo show at the dealership, curated by Liz Alderman, Jenny Dubnau’s series of large scale portraits is an impressive as any serious or well known figurative painter working today.

Empire/State: Artists Engaging Globalization

Installed opposite the Empire State Building in the midst of 34th Street’s commercial mayhem, this exhibition presents a group of 16 artists responding to the contradictions of globalization. Divided into two separate rooms, the first part of the exhibition consists of photographs, some with text, two web projects, a banner, a drawing, a DVD, a tent, and a project space installed with drawings, text, and a tape recording.


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