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Attendants, Bears, and Rocks: Brice Marden at the Matthew Marks Gallery

After numerous viewings of the Jackson Pollock retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, among the things I was most astonished by was the combination of recklessness and control in Pollock’s unspooling lines, his subtle, smoldering sense of color, and the ways in which the all-over abstractions persistently evoke not so much landscape as the phenomenology of natural processes.

In Conversation

In Conversation: Brice Marden with Chris Martin

The Brooklyn Rail visited Brice Marden’s studio on a sunny June morning. The brand new concrete and steel building rises right on the West Side Highway, and from the tenth floor studio we looked out in three directions across the sparkling Hudson River, and all the way downtown to the empty World Trade Center skyline.

Ellsworth Kelly, Tablet: 1949 - 1973 The Drawing Center

On a recent afternoon, I was sitting at my desk, when my year and a half old daughter waddled up, babbling, grabbed a ball point pen, and stood close in front of an open expanse of white wall. She became quiet, almost contemplative, staring at the wall.

MoMA Moves to Long Island City

On June 29, when MoMA QNS opened its doors in the renovated Swingline staple factory in Long Island City, MoMA’s Manhattan building became a sort of archaeological resource for the museum’s 21st-century incarnation.


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