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During this spring’s budget debate, both Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his top officials have repeatedly invoked the ominous specter of the city’s budget being turned over to the State Financial Control Board (SFCB).

The Depot

We’ve invited Brooklynites who want to slim down a bit to register and be officially weighed at one of over 150 weigh-in stations located all around the borough.

Two Views of the Middle East: A Bipolar Disorder

Usually about halfway into my weekly phone conversation with my friend Peter he asks me, “What do you think is going to happen?” We both know that we’re talking about Israel and Palestine.

Hell in a Hand Basket

Brooklyn is a long way from the ancient holy lands of the Bible, but Middle East politics impact our borough directly like nowhere else in the USA.

Notes on the World Cup

In anticipation of the upcoming World Cup, to be held in South Korea and Japan from May 31 through to the end of June, the Rail asked its sometime contributor John Logan for an update.

Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage

From outer space several human-made objects are visible, including the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of Egypt, and just west of New York City, the largest of them all, another monument to civilization: Fresh Kills Landfill, where Gotham dumps its garbage.

Social Science, Social Conscience: Remembering Pierre Bourdieu

After Pierre Bourdieu’s death this past January, Le Monde delayed publication by several hours so the front page could carry the news.

Henry Miller SLEPT HERE

Henry Miller loved to write about how much he hated New York, but all his life he remained nostalgic for the youth he spent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Dining Car

The trick to Mediterranean cooking, says one of the Rail’s many gourmands, involves taking the freshest ingredients and soaking them in savory marinades.


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