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Al the Barber: the Luckiest Man in Williamsburg

Step into Al Criscillo’s barber shop on Metropolitan Avenue, across the street from the White Castle, and the feeling you’ve entered a time warp is overwhelming.

A Koolman’s Travels

As summer draws to a close and Brooklyn’s desire for ice cream wanes, the drivers spend more and more time on the sidewalk in their lawn chairs, quietly talking and watching the neighborhood change before their eyes.

Furry Memories from an Old Stuffer

Although I have achieved the somewhat advanced age of 94, I never thought I would live to see my intellectual specialization reduced to a mere bonsai in the majestic groves of academe.

Lettin’ it All Hang Out

I am not a nudist, but I decided to try the Fifth Annual “Bare Buns Fun Run” advertised at the Nude Wreck Beach in Canada last July. The innocuous word “fun” seemed to balance the more threatening words, “bare” and “buns.”

NYC vs. First Amendment

In the “new” New York City, the fight against commercialization of public space can sometimes seem as effective as inserting a needle into the belly of a whale.

Here Comes the Neighborhood: Prospect Heights

Marc J. Freud, the developer of a luxury loft building on Pacific Street in Prospect Heights, hopes to recast a once gritty corner of the Heights as NoFA: North of Flatbush Avenue.

BAM Meets its Critics

Fort Greene and Clinton Hill residents gathered October 8th to discuss the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) proposal for a cultural district development project.

Introducing Councilwoman Diana Reyna

Elected last fall, twenty-eight-year-old City Councilwoman Diana Reyna represents parts of Williamsburg and Bushwick. She is also the first elected Dominican woman in New York City politics.


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