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Richmond Burton

Impressive in scale and color, Richmond Burton’s over-the-top group of abstract paintings I Am is a series intended to embody “an erotics of artmaking.”

Ryan McGinness

At Joseph Silvestro—the most ambitious new gallery in Williamsburg—Ryan McGinness has mounted the space’s debut solo show, a collection of work that includes a wide range of media from wall drawings and paintings to videos and skateboard decks, and in a sense also the T-shirts for sale at the front table.

Jacqueline Humphries

It has been the contemporary painters lot after Pollock and Rothko to find paths which lead to places not destined for despair.

Deep Surface: Reading a New Language in the Kinetic Passages of Jay Milder

The bustling scenarios of Jay Milder’s mixed-media paintings contain a cornucopia of compelling details, delivered with verve and panache.

Chariots of the Gauze: Nader Ebrahimi

Muscle cars from the 70s form the seductive core of this show, which features romantic photographs and paintings.

Kazumi Tanaka

Kazumi Tanaka’s show at Kent continues the artist’s earlier work with memory, showcasing her particular brand of nostalgia coupled with high craftsmanship.

Joan Snyder

Joan Snyder’s series “Primary Fields” is charged with a presence that is unapologetically expressive.


Pittsburgh is a city blessed with a physical and historical foundation for a commitment to the arts.

Suzan Batu

An exclusive vocabulary of stylized floral and calligraphic figures on a static ground recall Batu’s Turkish roots.

Elizabeth Cohen and Michael Talley

Is our personal space self-determined or governed by the world-ordering of Pancapitalism?

Between Street and Mirror: The Drawings of James Ensor

The artist James Ensor continues to fascinate us with his deft line and angry satire—especially when his pointed drawing tool is aimed at society.


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