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Dublin’s Tomorrow

Frank McDonald, long-time environmental correspondent and architecture critic for the Irish Times, begins his book with the claim that Dublin currently finds itself “at a very critical turning point in its history,” mainly because Ireland’s booming economy has generated a “maelstrom of activity.”

"The Ethics of Selling Books"

How many lightbulbs does it take to screw in a book of poetry?

Between Two Worlds

In his first collection of short stories, Fake House, author Linh Dinh explores and exposes the politics of identity, carving a window into a landscape where borders not only divide the geography, but also define one’s relationship to the world, to others, and ultimately, to one’s self.

Meyer Schapiro’s UNITY OF PICASSO

When Isaiah Berlin died, the effusive eulogies unanimously agreed that he was one of the greatest conversationalists since Diderot.

In Conversation

Barney, Beckett, and the Beats

It is no exaggeration to say that 20th century literature and culture is an infinitely richer and more fertile field because of the life’s work of publisher Barney Rosset.

Meetings with Beckett

It was the end of 1980 that I first met Samuel Beckett.


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