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Lee Krasner at the Brooklyn Museum

Like Frida Kahlo, Lee Krasner painted in the shadow of her more notorious husband. Only recently, in the wake of the Kahlo phenomenon of the 1980s, have artists such as Susan Rothenberg and Nancy Rubin begun to acquire critical status independent of their husbands (the artists Bruce Nauman and Chris Burden, respectively).

In Conversation

Interview with Robert Hobbs

Dr. Robert Hobbs is the curator and author of the exhibitions catalogue on Lee Krasner’s work. His books include: Milton Avery, Edward Hopper, and Human Right/Human Wrongs: Art and Social Change.

I Shot Fritz Von Bottlebum. And Shot Him. And Shot Him. And Shot Him.

A crowd made up mostly of art students and middle-aged middle class art aficionados trail after John Angeline, art historian and lecturer at the Met.


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